Holding up the Shovel

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To our esteemed readers:

The blog team here at Home Improvement Stack Exchange has endeavored to keep the content flowing with at least one new entry a week. We want to keep you coming back for more and we want to share posts that are interesting and worth reading. Unfortunately, our small contributor pool means that we’re having a hard time getting an entry together each week. The blog can’t continue to publish worthwhile content weekly without new contributors.

We need your help! Keep the blog in mind as you gear up for your DIY projects. Take pictures of the work in progress and send them along. If you have old stories to share, new tools to review, or article ideas, please let us know. This is a community run blog, we want to share everyone’s experiences and build a site you want to be part of.  Please see this for more info on how to contribute.


We’re not closing up shop, there are interesting projects, tools, and ideas in the pipe.  Please bear with us as we attempt to unclog the line, and try to get posts flowing.


DIY.SE Blog Team

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  • niki jacob says:

    how do we write for you, i write for greatrailingdiy.com

    • says:

      Thank you for your interest! Are you familiar with http://diy.stackexchange.com? That’s the parent site of our blog and where our community is based. As this is our community blog, we would like our contributors to be part of our community. Signing up is easy if you don’t have an account yet.

      We take submissions in many ways, you can see the whole list here.

      Hope we’ll see you around!

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